'Gambit' Casts Lizzy Caplan
The 'Masters of Sex' star has been confirmed to play the female lead in the upcoming X-Men spinoff.
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Rey Struggles to Pick a Side in New 'The Last Jedi' Teaser
There's something else between the dark side and the light. 
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Andy Serkis Says Star Wars Villain Snoke is ‘Deeply Wounded’ (EXCLUSIVE)
We sat down with Andy Serkis to find out more about 'The Last Jedi's mysterious new villain.
Tom Regan
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The 13 Weirdest Moments in ‘Justice League’
 **Spoiler Alert** Including a random Russian girl, a distracting upper lip and a duplicating jacket. 
Chris Tilly
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‘Coco’ a Beautiful Addition to the Pixar Library
The new Disney/Pixar film shines but not without a few struggles.
Drew Dietsch
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Pixar Head Takes Leave of Absence After Misconduct Allegations
Sources indicate that John Lasseter would make unwanted 'grabbing, kissing [and] comments about physical attributes' to his staff.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Superman Finally Added to 'Justice League's Promotional Banner
After it feels like a lifetime of keeping Supes in the dark, the iconic DC hero is finally front and center in this updated 'Justice League' poster.
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